Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photons Beam Part 2: Photons Victory

The photons looked behind them. Suddenly, Sith!
Photons were angry and started to light beam at the Sith, but Siths were danube around!
Sith try to Dodge the beam of Photons, the photons chasing them.
They would not have Sith attack!
Photons until a full scale Lazer and blow all Sith.
The world is for photons!

Photon Beam

It was much the war going on in the stars, Captain Kirk was distracted!
Suddenly, Darth Vader flew into the window of the Spaceship!
Photons were surrounded!
Darth Vader was pulled away from the window by the photons. The relative frequency was much to be upheld!
The photons then turned away and grabbed the spaceship.
Skywalker tried to use a force on the photons, but the wrong force was applied and it backfired!
Suddenly, the photons threw the spaceship into a star, and it exploded.
The photons were pleased. No more wars in their Stars.


"Oh no" said Oddball, "The other dalmations have grew on spots but I am here to no spots!"
So Oddball grabbed a permanent marker with her mouth.
"Now I shall be the same as others," said Oddball.
So she painted herself with marker.
She went to look at herself of mirror.
"Oh no!" screamed Oddball, of shock. The permanent market was blue and not black.
"All this darkness, making my eyesight to the lower!" shouted Oddball at the mirror, and she grabbed a black marker and went over the spots.
She went back to the other puppies.
"Yay Oddball you grow a spots!" they shouted.
Oddball smiled.

Mission Impossible

Ethan made into the Spy Base.
"Hello, do you have a jobs for me?" ask Ethan.
"Yes, but is a hard mission!" say FBI.
"How hard, FBI?" asking of a question Ethan.
"It an impossible mission, no one can do!" yell FBI.
"Then no point of trying." say Ethan, and he walked out of Spy Base and drive home.

Losing the Fishes

"Hi Nemo!" said Marlin, swimming on the sea.
"Hello to dad!" said Nemo, but suddenly, Nemo made dissappeared!
"OH NO!" shouted Marlin, "I’ve lost Nemo AGAIN!"
Suddenly, Dory swam over to him.
"Where’s Nemo?" say Dory, make a question.
Then a shark came up from the floor!
The shark roared and eated at the fish!
Then Nemo appeared back.
"Oh no!" said Nemo, "They’ve all been eated!"
Then the shark back on itself and eated Nemo as well.


The people of Lazytown made a Lazy.
"No actives!" say Lazy people, and they go inside and make a playing games.
Then, the Sports People had idea!!!!
The Internets were cut off.
"THE INTERNETS ARE GONE!" shout Lazy people.
"Now you shall create the active!" say sports people, but the Lazy People had better idea instead!
They threw the Sports People into a fire as a sacrifice to get internets back.
"I WANT TO BACK THE INTERNETS!" shout the king of Lazy, as the sacrifice brought the internets back.
And everyone made a lazy internets forever…


The Earth was happy with all it’s Gravity.
"I possess the gravity!" say Earth!
The Earth made a laughing at the Moon, for Moon did no have nearly as much gravity!
"I do no have enough gravity!" say a sadly Moon.
The Earth made laughings at the Moon!!!!
The Moon was upset at Earth insults, and started to construct macshine.
"I AM A CONSTRUCT MACSHINE!" say the Moon, and a Maschine appeared on the moon.
The Maschine made absorbing of all the Earths gravity.
"OH NO!" say the people, as they floated away.
"Boo hoo!" say a sadly Earth, and the Moon made a laughing at Earth.
But the Moon could no handle all Earths gravity!
"OH NO NOW I HAVE TOO MUCH GRAVITY!!!!" scream the Moon, and the Moon squashed itself.

Monday, January 27, 2014

World of Warcraft

In the futures, people were run out of Internet, so they had to make ration of internet!
But on day, all the nerds went to the internet maschine, to make a stealing from the internet so they could make a play World of Warcraft all the time!
The police heard of their crimes with their megaphone.
The nerds went back to their computers and made a playing on warcrafts.
They wore many goggles and made that Star Trek sign with their hands at each other.
Suddenly, the police burst into the rom.
"YOU SHALL NOT MAKE A STEALING FROM THE INTERNET!" yell police, and they make a shooting at the nerds.
"You shall no shoot us!" they make a shouting, and they hide behind the internet.
The police bullets shot the internet!
"BUT THIS WAS THE LAST INTERNETS WE HAD!!!!!!!!!!" scream police, and the internet exploded and no more internets.

Pearl Harbor

One day America made a peaceful.
"Is nice to make a peaceful!" say America, but suddenly, Japan flew over America and danubed some planes!
"Why are you danubing planes Japan?" ask America, but suddenly, Japan drop bombs and and made sinking of Americas ships!
"This is no good!" say America as the ships made a sinking.
So America talk to other countries and they agree no good!
"Is must exile Japan!" shout America.
So a crane picked up Japan and it floated away and landed on the moon.
"MUCH OF MOON!" said Japan, made a sadly.
America made a happy and went back to a peaceful.
But other places where get ideas…


Part 2 - The Moon

After floatings away Japan, the other places want to put everywhere else on the moon.
"Mexico made a stealing of Americas?" thought America.
America now had the crane, and started to put Mexico on the moon.
"WAH!" said Mexico, as it danubed to the moon.
The Europes got a crane on them and danubed to the moon as well.
"NO!!!!" say Europa, while many moon attached!
And it wasn’t long before moon aliens did no want Japans on there moon.
And so the moon tried to put Japan back on the Earth but it slipped and made a crashing into the Earth.
"This was no a good plan!" said America, and the Earth exploded.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Bender made a playing with his robotics.
Fry went into the rom and tryed to insert a Floppy Disk into Bender!
"YOU SHALL NOT INSERT FLOPPY DISK!" shout Bender, and he ran away with his robotics.
Fry was very annoy at Benders rejection of the Disk!
"I SHALL NOT LISTEN TO YOU HUMANS!" shout Bender, and he flew out of the window with his robotics.
"Oh no!" shout Zoidberg, "NOW I CAN’T HAVE ROBOTICS!"
Everyone was sad at a no robotics.
Suddenly, Bender danubed back through the window.
"I have decided to make you all into robots!" say Bender, as some robots also danubed to the window and started zapping everyone into robots.
"Of the robots making!" laugh Bender, as transform the binary data.